29 APRIL 1899, Page 18

During the week there have been many celebrations of Cromwell's

birthday, which took place three hundred years ago,—i.e., on April 25th, 1599. The Mayor of Huntingdon, Lord Sandwich, has wisely taken the opportunity to appeal for subscriptions for a statue of Cromwell to be erected in his native town. Subscriptions will be received by Messrs. Barclay's Bank and the London and County Bank, Hunting- don. We trust that the response to this appeal will be liberal. The subscribers, however, should insist that the monument shall be an equestrian statue. To portray Cromwell on foot is an absurdity. He was a great cavalry officer, the troops he raised were horse-soldiers, and therefore he should be com- memorated on horseback. Again, the uniform—half armour— of a Cromwellian cavalry soldier will be much more effective than civilian dress. The sculptor should give us Cromwell as he looked at Naseby, at Dunbar, and at Worcester.