29 APRIL 1899, Page 40



[Under this Heading we notice such Books of the week as have not ions reserved for review in other forms.] A Soul's Pilgrimage. By Charles F. B. Miel, D.D. (G. W. Jacobs and Co., Philadelphia.)—Dr. Miel tells an interesting story of his "religious and personal experiences." He entered a Jesuit College, though he never joined the Society, the delay it imposes on the can- didates for the priesthood being an insuperable obstacle. In 1844 he was ordained priest by Archbishop ilifre. Not long after he came over to England, where it was thought that a great move- ment to Rome was about to take place. The so-called "Papal Aggression" found in him an ardent defender. He published two justificatory pamphlets. These had important consequences for him. He was induced, at the request of a Protestant reader, to examine the original authorities. He had taken for granted the authen- ticity of the pseudo-Nicene canon " Ecclesia Romana scraper habnit primatnm," and he now found that it was a falsifica- tion. He continues his story through the various stages of his

search for truth. This he believes himself to have fonnd in the Ekoiscopal Church (the American branch of the Anglican Com- munion). This story is all the more impressive from the uniform affection with which he speaks of his early friends. No admirer of the Society of Jesus could express himself more warmly and grate- fully than does Dr. Miel. There is not a trace of the bitterness of the partisan who has changed side.