29 APRIL 1899, Page 41

27te Century Magazine, November,1898—April, 1899. (Macmillan and Co. 10s. 6(L)—St.

Nicholas Magazine. Edited by Mary Mapes Dodge. (Same publishers. 8s. 6(L)—We have here the half-yearly volumes of these two magazines, both of them hold- ing :their own :in a: very satisfactory way. _ In the Century we have a series of papers on Alexander the Great (would any English periodical venture on anything so serious ?) ; the story, in three numbers, of the 'Maine,' by her Commander, Captain C. D. Sigsbee ; the "Capture of Santiago de Cuba," also by the officer in command, Major-General Shafter ; with other papers on war topics. Mr. Frank Stockton contributes a short story, and Mr. Marion Crawford a tale entitled "Via Crucis." A paper on explorations at Corinth has the attractive item of "A Relic of St. Paul." It was a block of marble with an inscription of Roman times [ow]et-ray; ip[a;em], the very place, it may be, where Sosthenes was chief ruler." Mr. Paul Laurence Dunbar, the negro poet, has a sonnet on Mrs. H. Beecher Stowe, of which we may

quote the last six lines -

"Around two peoples swelled a fiery wave, And both came 'forth transfigured from the flame. Blest be the hand that dared be strong to save, And blest be she who In our weakness came— Prophet and priestess at one stroke she gave A race to freedom and herself to fame."

Among the notable things in St. Nicholas is the "Arrival' ' of Simp- son," a football epic, so to speak ; " Chuggers, the Youngest Hero of the Army," a tale of Santiago ; and a story by Mr. G. Henty, who must have long since surpassed the fertility of Dumas.