29 APRIL 1899, Page 41

Among the Wild Ngoni. By W. A. Elmslie. (Oliphant, Ander-

son, and Ferrier.)—The Ngoni are a tribe closely connected with Zulu history. Chaka conquered them, by treachery, it was said, and they left their country to find refuge elsewhere. They crossed the Zambesi, and subdued the Senga, whom they incor- porated with themselves. From this they journeyed still further north, till they came to Lake Tanganyika. The present habitat, known as Ngoniland, lies to the west of Lake Nyasa. Mr. Elmslie gives an interesting account of the tribe and their customs, and of his own labours, as of those of his colleagues, among them. He is himself a medical missionary ; among those to whose work, now finished, he pays a tribute, are William Kogi, born near Thomas River in 1846, and James Sutherland, "artisan missionary," the first European who resided among the Ngoni. Among the specially interesting matters in the volume is the account of the "witch doctor."