29 APRIL 1899, Page 41

ffediaral Towns : Nuremberg. By Cecil !Imam. (J. 31. Dent

and Co. 35. Cd. net.)—This unpretending little volume, of the same odes as the volume on Rouen, lately noticed in these columns, containi, as does its companion, a great wealth of interesting facts, and is as ornamental as it is u.seful. There is an excellent sketch of the town's history—it extends to something more than eight cen- thries--and of its chief features in the way of building, architecture, &c. One of the curiosities of Nuremberg is, as every visitor knows, the remarkable collection of implements of torture. Mr. Headlam, afraid, it would seem, lest the Nurembergers should be thought sinners above other men in this respect, devotes some pages to the facts about torture in modern times, and a very grim story it is. Among the specially interesting portions of- the volume is the account of Albert Darer. The illustrations, by Miss H. M. James, are particularly good.