29 APRIL 1899, Page 7



Histoire d,e l'Art dans rAntiguite. Par Georges Perrot et Charles Chipiez. (Hachette et Cie. 37 francs.)—This seventh volume deals with the buildings of Greece of the epic and archaic periods. Great care is taken in this work to make clear the authors' views as to the construction of the buildings discussed. This is greatly helped by the beautifully clear drawings of roofs and walls by M. Chipiez. There is an elaborate reconstruction of a Homeric palace, which of course mast be theoretical. The reconstruc- tions in the latter part of the volume of the Temple of Poseidon at PEestum rest upon surer foundations. The authors notice an interesting fact with regard to the way in which Greek temples were roofed. The roof of the Cathedral of Monreale, Messina, built in the eleventh century, is constructei in just such a manner as would have been necessary to make a satisfactory roof to some of the temples in Sicily. The authors suggest that island carpenters may have kept the tradition from ancient times. The book before UR is no exception to the excellence of arrange- ment and clearness of style common in French works of this kind.