29 APRIL 1899, Page 7

England, it having come over from Holland, it is in

this country that it has been most practised. One of the earliest masters of the art was Prince Rupert, who, after unsuccessful experiments with fronsides, proved himself most expert with copper plates. In the present work, which is fully and beautifully illustrated, there is a reproduction of the famous "Great Executioner," a mezzotint from Spagnoletto's picture done by Prince Rupert. Although this plate was done only sixteen years later than the earliest known mezzotint--one by L. Von Siegen—there is no sign of tentative effort. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that although many differant effects were discovered later, no other plate has surpassed this one in splendid quality and vigour. Those interested in the details of the process, as well as its his- tory, will find full information in Mr. Whitman's book.