29 APRIL 1899, Page 9

Drift from Longshore. By " A Son of the Marshes." Edited

by J. A. Owen. (Hutchinson and Co. Gs.)—Another volume from the pen of this writer scarcely needs our recommendation ; neither does it call for a lengthy or minute criticism. Our author wanders about the South-Eastern counties of England with his eyes open, and describes the country, the inhabitants, and the animals. Many a lover of Nature, compelled to live in the overgrown town of London, has doubtless read with pleasure the breezy writings of "A Son of the Marshes." The present volume is neither better nor worse than its predecessors. It is written by a man with a genuine and poetic love of the country. The style is not faultless, even after Mrs. Owen has done her editor's work ; and many of the effusions are somewhat discon- nected. We must even venture to doubt the accuracy of certain of the writer's observations, though he is very contemptuous of town-bred naturalists and critics. But in spite of this there is much that is pleasant in the book, and we most warmly recom- mend it to all who love Nature.