29 JANUARY 1965, Page 13


From: Rev. S. K. Lamming, Dr. A. I. Amor. 'John Pinches, Sir John Elliot, Michael Lipton, Prudence Hyland, John M. Burley, Leo S. Baron, Lord Stanley of Alderley, George Gardiner, Michael Davie, L. Se/ton, Mrs. S. M. Wyllie, A. Mitchell.

A Man Called Churchill

SIR,-1 must be one of a large' number who are grateful to you for your splendidly phrased tribute to Sir Winston Churchill in the Spectator. In such limits it could hardly be bettered. I would, however, take exception to one brief statement. After speak- ing of the freedom which is ours so largely by Sir Winston's rallying of our deep reserves in that dark- est hour of 1940 you say: 'Of no other man since time began can that be said.' Perhaps we are a little too close to events to make that superlative tribute. I would think that in English history a case could be made Out for possible equal greatness on the part of Alfred the Great. I would think that the Dutch might say the same of William of Orange. One is reminded of that exquisite tribute paid to him in a simple sentence, the last in Motley's The Rise of the Dutch Republic. But even with this provocation one is most grateful to you.


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