29 JANUARY 1965, Page 14

SIR,—Very few of your readers, if any, are likely to

be interested in the comings and goings of the Observer Magazine staff, but your new writer on 'The Press,' Mr. Christopher Booker, has things a little tangled up.

Mr. Paul Mandel, of Life, came to London for a year as managing editor of the magazine, 'to help the launch; he has to go home this summer; and Anthony Sampson may then move (not far) to the magazine. We don't think of this possibility as 'another rescue-attempt,' partly because we haven't experienced our first rescue attempt yet (unless it was when Mr. Booker himself asked us for a job five weeks ago), and partly because we don't at the moment feel in need of rescue, since the magazine has added about 20 per cent to the sale of the paper in four months and last week attracted more ad- vertising than either of the other two newspaper colour magazines.

Nor has anyone suggested (in my hearing, at least) that I should give up responsibility for the magazine and should 'be moved back to the deputy editorship of the main paper'; I have never moved away. Mr. Booker also got my name wrong.

The 'Observer'

Editor, Colour Magazine