29 JANUARY 1965, Page 15

The Housewives' League

SIR,--I always enjoy reading the Spectator each week, but I did not enjoy the statement, 'If the Housewives' League were still with us, God forbid.' If Mr. Watkins lived in this fair city, he would soon realise that the Housewives' League, of which I am a member, was an absolute necessity. We have a Labour council which seems to spend money like water (our rates are 25s.), not to mention having lived through an epidemic of typhoid of the milder type, which was so exaggerated and over-dramatised on TV and elsewhere that the repercussions in every way were almost worse to bear than the typhoid. Fortunately, the Aberdonians have a wonderful sense of humour, and could not help seeing the funny side of things.

S. M. WYLLIE 107 Mile End Avenue, Aberdeen