29 JULY 1905, Page 16



NORTH and South and home again

Round the world and all, From Barry Dock to Callao, From Limehouse to Bengal, Where'er the old "Red Duster" flies, Where'er a ship can swing, Where'er an English hand's at work You'ld hear their chorus ring, Refrain.

Oh! its "Frisco Town" for anchor up, " Rio " for mains'l haul, As soldiers know their bugle-notes We knew them one and all.

"Leave her, Johnny, as we go," "Missouri" or "Black Ball," Take your time from the chantynaan !

All together ! Haul !

They cheered us beating off the Horn, Close-reefed for stress of sea, Or racing on the homeward slant, The trade-wind following free.

And when the sea-fog walled us in With naught but smell to guide, Their chorus echoed back again From icebergs over-side.


Oh! it's "Stormalong " and " Ranzo, bop," "Paddy Doyle" and all, (Gipsies of the deep-sea trade Hearken to the call !) One man's song is ten men's work At winch or sheet or fall, Take your time from the chantyman !

All together! Haul !

Their music's falling silent DOW; We'll never hear again The white-winged Swansea copper-boats Ring to the old refrain.

The sea's a-chock with steam and speed From Melbourne to the Bay, And sailor-men and sailor-songs Are out of date to-day.

• Aurzoies Norz.—A chanty is a doggerel metre " chanted " (whence the name) by sailors to give unison to a pall upon a rope. The " chantyman" was an important personage in the fo'castle of an old-time " wind-jamtner."

Oh! 'twas "Whisky, boys," and "Blow him down," And "Haul the bowline, haul " Rough and harsh and raw with brine, But oh, how clear the call I The world is fair, the seas are wide, And England's all too small."

Take your time from the chantyman !

All together ! Haul!