29 JULY 1905, Page 22

the narratives are somewhat bald, and that the author has

neglected many excellent opportunities, Mr. Wilkins's records are interesting. They could scarcely fail to be so, such is the fascination of bravery, and he has collected three hundred and ninety-two portraits of the five hundred and twenty warriors, in itself a task of some difficulty. But the volume is disappointing, the reproductions of portraits are often inferior, and the appearance of the book, con- sidering its price, scarcely such as one would expect. There is a suggestion of cheapness about it. The various narratives might have been better handled, and some attempt made to indicate the varying nature of the deeds chronicled, by illustrations of some of the more famous localities, Rorke's Drift, Delhi, and others. There are one or two curious facts recorded, one of which is the voluntary official statement of a former act of gallantry "for which, though recommended, he received no reward " ; another is the proud possession of three Victoria Crosses by one family, the Goughs.