29 JULY 1905, Page 23

The Rows and Iceland. By Nelson Annandale. (The Clarendon Press:

4s. 6d. net.)—These " Studies in Island Life" are the result of much observation carried on during summer and autumn visits to the countries described. The writer thinks that residence for a winter, if it could only be managed, would be enlightening. As it is, the Faroes have left a fairly favourable, Iceland a somewhat discouraging, impression on the describer. Iceland has had its day ; it lives, in a way, on its past reputation; in culture and in wealth it is much behind what it was eight or nine hundred years ago. It is especially interesting to see the effect of environment. The people are much the same in respect of race, Norse with an admixture of Iberian blood, but circumstances have changed them. In Iceland external influences have been very adverse, and, curiously enough, the past glories of the country work in one way for ill. They induce a pride which sets itself against advance. The book is an admirable specimen of careful and intelligent observation, If all holidays were as well employed !—but then they would hardly be holidays.