29 JULY 1905, Page 24

Prince and Tom. By Geo. G. Brentforde. (John Long. 3s.

6d.) —These "incidents in the life of a dog and a cat," told by the Clog, it may be mentioned, are sufficiently amusing. It is true that the cat and the dog make friends in an amazingly easy way—the cat was grown up and the dog eight months old when the intro- duction took place—and that generally their goings on try even a somewhat robust faith. But this 'does not much matter after all ; and who that has studied cat and dog stories feels himself able to draw the limit beyond which it is impossible to believe? It must be allowed, however, that when the cat takes a bath in a pan of cream in the hope of developing a Persian's fur we have got into the region of farce, and to do this is to show a want of respect for the subject.