29 JULY 1905, Page 24


Atkinson (F. W.), Law and Practice relating to Solicitors' Liens and Charging Orders, or 8vo (Sweet 3: Maxwell) net 7/8 Illustrated Catalogue of a Loan Collection of Portraits of English Galway (V.), The Art of Conserving, 12mo . (J. & E. Bumpus) net 2/6 Grey (0.), Rhymes and Rhapsodies, 22nio (Routledge) 5/0 Gunter (A. C.), Phil Conway : a Novel, Cr 8vo (Ward A Lock) 6/0 Hume (R. A.), Missions from the Modern View, or 8vo (Revell) net 4/6 Barclay (T.), The Class Leader at Work, cr tivo ....... ..... (C. H. Kelly) net 2/6

Barton (F. T.), Sporting Dogs : their Points, &c., or 8vo (Everett) net 7i6

Calendar of the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews, Vol. I., Cavalry Action in the Wars of the Future, by P. S., 8vo Clay (C. X.), Examples in Algebra, or 8vo Cobban (J. H.), The Terror by Night, cr 8vo Flashes from ape Diamonds, by Jack the Connaught Ranger Grey (O.), Preludes and Symphonies. 12mo (Routledge) 5/0 Hooker (Sir J. D.), Himalayan Journals, cr 8vo ....... ........ (Ward A Lock) 6/0 Henry III., 4to Historical Personages who Died between 1625 and 1714, 410 (Macmillan) 16/0 (Bees) net 6/0 (Macmillan) net 4/0 (Long) 816 (Long) 6/0 (Oxford Univ. Press) net 6/0

Lays (J. K.), A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, or Svo...............(Ward & Lock) 3/6 Love in the 18th Century, trans. from the French... (A. L. Humphreys) net 6/0

Mackaye (P.), Fenris the Wolf, or 8vo (Macmillan) net 5/0 Mann (X. E.), The Parish Nurse : a Novel, cr 8vo (Methuen) 6/0 Mali (F.), International Civil and Commercial Law, Svo (Macmillanj net 12/6

Mitchell (T.), Christian Beneficence, or 8vo (C. H. Kelly) 2/6 Morley (A.), Mechanics for Engineers, or 8vo .......... ........(Longmani) net 4/0 Moul (D.) and Hill (R. H. E.), Picturesque Essex, 4to (F. E. Robinson) net 6/0

Nicholl (E. X.), The Human Touch, cr 8vo (K. Paul) 6/0 Nicholson (W.), Smoke Abatement, ex 8vo (Griffin) net 6/0 Peploe (H. W. W.), He Cometh ! cr 8vo (Marshall Bros.) 2/6 Portman (L.), Hugh Rendal: a Story, or 8vo (Alston Rivets) 6/0 Schultz (H.), Outlines of Christian Apologetics, or 8vo (Macmillan) net 7/6 Smith (W.) and Crockett (W. S.), A.bbotstord Painted and Described, 8vo (Black) net 7/6 Speer (R. E.), Young Men who Overcame, Cr 8vo (Revell) net 3/6 Thompson (H. B.), The Mental Traits of Sex. or 8vo . (Unwin) net 6/0 Thonger (C.), Book of Garden Design, cr 8vo ........ ........... ......... (Lane) net 2/6 Tnckey (C. O.), Examples in Arithmetic, cr 8vo (Bell) 3/0