29 JULY 1905, Page 24

The Estate Nursery. By John Simpson. (Country Gentlemen's Association. 5s.)—This

"Handy Book for Owners, Agents, and Woodmen on the Propagation and Rearing of Forest Trees" contains a number of useful facts and figures. The question of price is, in one sense, the most important, for unless planting can be made to pay it will be limited to the ornamental. If a proprietor buys his trees from nurserymen, he will have to pay, supposing that he follows the Continental system, from .£25 for Douglas fir to £7 for beech (per acre). This is for transplanted seedlings varying from 24 in. to 12 in., and does not include the cost of labour. Mr. Simpson's plan is to sow the seed, and for this he gives instructions. Failing this, he recommends the purchase of untransplanted seedlings. This would mean a reduction of the cost to about one-fourth. Of course, it means longer waiting. But any one who plants must make up his mind to wait. Whatever he buys or raises will be seris facture nepotibus umbram.