29 JULY 1905, Page 3

The Cheap Cottages Exhibition on the Garden City estate at

Letchworth was opened by the Duke of Devon- shire on Tuesday. In his speech the Duke dwelt upon the great advantages offered by the permanent character of the Exhibition. The cottages would be used and lived in, and so thoroughly tested. We may add that the large gathering at Letchworth, which included many representative landlords and their agents, showed great interest in the. Exhibition. We think it will be admitted that the Exhibition has proved that small cottages perfectly fit for habitation by a labourer and his family can under ordinary rural con- ditions be erected for £150, provided that the landlord is not obliged to pay an architect's fee for a special design, that building material can he obtained cheaply near the site, and that there are no restrictive by-laws. We are asked to state that "The Book of the Cheap Cottages Exhibition," which contains plans, elevations, and specific descriptions of air the cottages exhibited, can be obtained (price is. 4d. paper or 3s. cloth, post-free) from the office of the County Gentleman and Land and Water, 4-5 Dean Street, Holborn, London. '

Bank Rate, 21 per cent. Consols (21- per cent.) were on Friday 90i.