29 JULY 1905, Page 3

The King visited Bisley last Saturday, and distributed the prizes

to the winners. In the exceedingly happy speech which he addressed to the prize-winners his Majesty used the follow- ing memorable words, which we hope will give an impetus to the cause to which they refer :—" I am glad to think and trust also that the boys in our different schools will now take up rifle-shooting. I am sure that the National Rifle Associa- tion, in doing all that it can to promote this, will earn the gratitude of all." The winner of the great event at Bisley was an East Surrey Volunteer, Sergeant Comber, a stone- mason by trade. The gallant Sergeant was one of the men trained by the Volunteers who volunteered for service in South Africa, and thus proved the value of the reservoir pro- vided by the force. We see it stated that if the proposed medical examination were strictly applied to the Volunteers, Sergeant Comber would be expelled from the force, as he suffers from deafness. We note in this context with regret that Lord Roberts informed the meeting of the Miniature Rifle Society on Wednesday that there has been little or no response to his appeal on behalf of the rifle club movement.