29 JUNE 1912, Page 11


Rambles in the Pyrenees. By F. Hamilton Jackson, R.B.A. (John Murray. 21e. not.)—The country on the French side of the Pyrenees is as rich in historical buildings, and picturesque towns and villages, as it is in fine scenery, and Mr. Jackson here gives us a very interesting account of the cathedrals, churches, castles, and old houses from, Bordeaux and Bayonne in the west to Carcassonne and Perpignan in the east. He also has plenty to tell us about the nobles and ecclesiastics who "lived thus once" in Gascony and Roussillon, and who left behind them great monu- ments of "piled stones." But it is not only history and architec- ture that appeal to our author, and he can make the reader share very pleasantly in his own enjoyment of the small adventures that happen to a traveller, when he has happily left the great through trains and the palace hotels behind him. The book is full of interesting line drawings by Mr. Jackson and half-tone plates from photographs by Mr. J. C. Ashton. Among the former we would specially mention that of the Templars' fortified church at Luz, and some of the smaller illustrations of architectural detail. The value of the book is also increased by a number of plans of buildings and by a map of the author's route.