29 JUNE 1912, Page 12


Outlines of Liberal Judaism. By Claude G. Montefiore. (Mac- millan and Co. 2s. 6d. net.)—Mr. Claude Montellore tells us that his new book consists of "rough notes and suggestions on Liberal Judaism for the use of parents and teachers." Many Liberal Jews are exercised—as are many Liberal Christians—about the best method of teaching religion to their children, now that the day of infallible authority is over. There are not a few who think it best to teach their children what they were taught themselves ; in plain English, to teach them more than they themselves Mims true. They thus "allow for shrinkage," trusting that when the children arrive at years of discretion, and put away childish thing-3, enough of dogmatic religion to keep hope and morality alive may remain with them, Mr. Montofiore combats this somewhat obscu- rantist theory of education. He endeavours to show—succeeds, we think, in showing—how a Liberal form of religion may be imparted to a child in a manner which, without offending his more matured reason, shall strike him as neither vague nor dubious. The first few chapters, dealing with " First Notions about God," are admirable in the extreme, and deserve the study of all educa- tionists, Christian as well as Jewish. The bulk of the book

of course, of somewhat more sectarian application. Liberal Judaism is, so far as we can see, only a new name for the relig.un of the Prophets.