29 JUNE 1912, Page 13

By the Way: Verses, Fragments, and Notes. By William Allinghnan.

(Arranged by Helen Allinghain.) (Longinans and Co. 5s. not.)—Mrs. Allingham has collected into a pleasantly light and dainty volume a number of fragments which she discovered among her husband'e papers after his death. Others besides his personal friends will be glad to renew acquaintance with a mind of singular freshness and sincerity. Some of the literary criti- cisms challenge reply ; e.g., that "The Egoist is exceedingly clever, and tedious. Meredithian Spectres acting men and women, no lair in their lunge, no blood in their veins." Hero and there is an arresting line of poetry : "Her soft loose hair like a brown bird's wing," and Who hangs his kits u;olt.thetleAlekyrerIreeze."

Here is a personal note: "The intolerable person is whoever, under name of friend or not, habitually breaks in upon your working-time."