29 JUNE 1912, Page 13

Entail - Holders' gam/book. Edited by W. M. Elk ington. (Upcott Gill.

Bs. 6d. not.)—The object of this book is described by the sub-title. It is a ' guide to the management of small farms and allotments "—the limit, it will be remembered, is £50 rental—and it gives "advice on the practical side of breeding all kinds of stock, dairying, culture of arable and grass land, bee-keeping, and market gardening." The book should be most useful ; for, indeed, , these small-holdings, unless they arc managed with all the skill that can possibly be brought to bear on the business, are certain to fail. Everywhere in history we see the small farm giving place to the latifundium, And, indeed, in other occupations the same thing is going on. How does the small shop fare when it has to contend with the stores and the great establishments ? Co-operation is the one hope, and, unhappily, there is little to be said about co-operation.