29 JUNE 1912, Page 13

Hour to Write for the Papers. By Albert E. Bull.

(C. Arthur Pearson. 2s. 6d. net.)—This seems likely to be a useful "guide for the young author," the word "papers" being understood as covering literary work in general, even encycloptedias finding a place. "More than half of the good and passable contributions sent in to any popular journal are returned because they do not suit the paper to which they are sent." It is impossible for any "guide" to make the "guided" do what itis not in him to do, but it can put him in the right way of using powers which ho really possesses. There is a very serviceable list on pp. 145-100 of papers, magazines, &c., which gives this kind of help. There is a chapter on "Novels : the Publication," which all who have aspire- tons in that direction should read. It may have been an exag- geration to say that not one novel in twenty makes a profit for the author, but if we put ten, or oven five, for the "twenty" it should be enough to make the would-be novelist pause.