29 JUNE 1912, Page 17

It is too early to offer any definite opinion as

to what is happening or as to what may be the ultimate results of the mutiny, but it is clear that the situation is very grave, and that if the Turkish Government cannot speedily suppress the movement it will prove disastrous to the Committee. At a moment like this the Italians must feel, with no small chagrin, the weight of the Triple Alliance. But for their allies they would find in Turkey's Albanian troubles an easy way of putting pressure sufficient to end the war. Unfortunately for them, however, their allies, instead of being a help,, are a hindrance to the conclusion of peace. They are, in truth, in a position of "armed neutrality," and actually forbid Italy taking the direct and quickest method of 'saving herself from the con- tinued drain of the war.- Never was there a stranger example of the irony of alliances.