29 JUNE 1912, Page 17


FRIDAY'S news in regard to the mutiny of Turkish troops in Albania, reported earlier in the week, is of a very sek:ious character. According to the Vienna corm* spondent of the Times, twelve battalions have already inutinied at Monastic, and four of them have joined the

deserters and insurgents in the mountains. It is added that the Vail and the Commandant of Monastir have been taken prisoners, and that the mutiny is extending. Another message suggesta that the Vali of Salonika, Hussein Kiazim, is "the soul of the movement." "If so," continues the correspondent

of the Times,

f' the movement has a gifted and a determined leader—in fact the only man in Turkey who has of late had the courage publicly to censure the Committee and its works. Another sign teat the mutiny is not a local outburst may bo found in an open letter ad- dressed on Wednesday through an Italian journal to the Turkish flovernment and to the Committee by a Turkish officer, formerly friend of Said Pasha and of Mahmud Shevket Pasha, declaring the reawakening of the Ottoman people and the hour of its revenge upon the Committee to be at hand."