29 JUNE 1912, Page 18

An extraordinary scene occurred at question time in the House

of Commons on Tuesday. In reply to an appeal from Mr. Healy to release all the remaining Suffragist prisoners at Holloway Mr. Asquith replied that it was not for him to interfere with the administrative action of the Homo Secre- tary, who was responsible ; but he must point out that there was not a single one of the prisoners but would go out of prison that afternoon on giving the undertaking asked for by the Home Secretary. On this Mr. • Lansbury, the Socialist member for Bow and Bromley, rose in a great state of excitement and shouted out, "You know they can't! It would be insulting to ask these women, and you know it would!" Mr. Lansbury then advanced towards the Front Bench and denounced Mr. Asquith and his colleagues as beneath contempt for torturing and murdering innocent women. Mr. Lansbury continued to abuse the Prime Minister for some time, disregarding the Speaker, who re- peatedly asked him to leave the House. Finally, on the Speaker threatening to take severer measures, Mr. Lansbury allowed himself to be persuaded by Mr. Crooks, Mr. Thorne, and other members of the Labour Party, and walked out of the House. Throughout the scene the House showed remark- able—we had almost said excessive—forbearance ; the Speaker did not even name Mr. Lansbury, but contented himself with requesting him to leave the House for the rest of the day. We trust that this magnanimity will not be thrown away,