29 JUNE 1912, Page 18

The Government's decision not to postpone the operation of the

Insurance Act was again the Subject of criticism in the House of Lords on Wednesday. Lord Homage drew attention to the leaflet recently issued by the Commissioners, which declares that "it is of the greatest importance to every employed man or woman that he or she should join an approved society 'without delay, and so avoid becoming a deposit contributor." In view of the Government's previous announcement that every one could defer his membership of an approved society till October, Lord kleneage described his leaflet as misleading and mendacious. Lord Lansdowne added that it was a serious thing to put pressure • upon persons to induce them to join already approved societies, for this might injure the small local societies which were puzzled by the present situation. The Lord Chancellor replied that, though it was not legally necessary, it would be to the advantage of ccintri- buten not to run the risk of putting off joining an approved

society till October. After adding that large numbers of the smaller societies were being approved, he confessed that the difficulties of bringing the Act into operation would be colossal, but he did not consider them insuperable.