29 JUNE 1912, Page 18

The subsequent days of the King's visit in Wales were

as interesting and marked with equal enthusiasm. On Thursday the King and Queen spent the whole day in inspecting colliery and iron works and in visiting and talking with the miners. Of this friendly intercourse several amusing stories are told. The Daily Mail correspondent gives a. delightful example of the quick-witted courtesy of the Celt. While the King was looking at a. seventeen-year-old pit pony which had been brought up for his inspection the pony proved somewhat restless. "I expect the daylight worries him," said the King. "No, sir," replied the miner, "it is the headstall he doesn't like. He can't see your Majesty plain enough." Very pleasant are the accounts given of the Queen's visit to a miner's cottage in Aberdare, that of Mr. Thomas Jones. Here the Queen had tea. After tea Mrs. Jones showed the Queen over the cottage while the King talked downstairs with her husband. The King in his answer to the address of the Pontypridd Urban District Council dwelt upon the courage and devotion which were "the proud traditions of the mining population."