29 JUNE 1912, Page 18

We shall no doubt be told that such words as

these come strangely from those who, like ourselves, hold that, since Parliament has refused to exempt from the Home Rule Bill those counties of Ulster in which there is a strong local majority against it, Ulster will have a right to resist being driven out of the United Kingdom and forced under a Dublin Parliament. As a matter of fact there is a 'world of difference between such resistance to constitutional change and resistance to purely domestic legislation. In the case of domestic legislation, whether fiscal or otherwise, the good citizen must obey and he content with an effort to change the law. Otherwise anarchy must be the result. Resistance to constitutional measures, i.e., those which vary the whole status of the citizen, especially when their object is exclu- sion from privileges enjoyed before (such as the privilege of being under the legislative authority of the Westminster Parliament and the administrative authority of an Executive responsible to that Parliament), is on a different plane.