29 JUNE 1912, Page 32


"The Buxton Coroner, Mr. Sydney Taylor, held an inquiry Thursday on George Roberts. Deceased was employed at the Peak Dale Asphalt Works. John Bradwell, of Peak Dale, said he heard deceased. call 'Mother, mother!' and upon looking saw Roberts fast between a truck and the wall. Ho did not seem to be much hurt, and even said he would go back to his work. Witness took him home. He had walked 300 or 400 yards when they met a trap and he was placed in it. Roberts himself knocked at his own door. Dr. F. G. Bennett described the condition of the deceased when he arrived. He was raging with pain and unable to answer ques- tions. His left elbow was badly fractured, four or five ribs on the left side were broken, his left hand was crushed, and there were bruises about the body. A. verdict of 'Crushed to death' was returned."