29 JUNE 1912, Page 9

Frederick Goulding. By Martin Hardie, LEE. (Enea,s Mackay,

Stirling. 21s. not.)—The subject of this book was renowned as a printer of etchings, and to him went Whistler, Seymour Haden, and many other distinguished etchers. In the ease of the art of etching the printing is of vital importance, and upon sympathetic work depends the success of the print. Endless subtleties of manipulation enable the printer to correct deficiencies or bring out the beauties of the plate. At the same time Goulding himself used to declare that the finest works only wanted straightforward printing. Mr. Hardie has collected a good deal of personal information about the subject of his book, and has also printed a lecture on the theory and practice of printing

which Goulding gave to the Art Workers' Guild. There are some very successful photogravures in the book : one of those, printed by Mr. Emory Walker, is of great beauty, and represents Goulding at work at his press.