29 JUNE 1912, Page 9

Notes on Pictures in the Royal Collections. By Lionel Cud.

(Chatto and Windus. 12s. (3d. net.)—Mr. Cust has collected various writings by himself and others which have appeared in the Burlington Magazine with reference to pictures in the royal galleries. Seine of the most interesting of these are the primitive italian works which the Prince Consort bought as early as 184.43, showing how far ahead of the times he was in his taste for early Italian art. Notably so is the lovely Pesellino of two saints

which forms a part of the altar-piece of which the centre is in the National Gallery. A very interesting work is the Venetian picture, which, to judge by the photogravure in the work before us, must have once been a picture of the highest quality. Mr. Cast dis- cusses the question of its being a Titian or a Giorgione at length, and tells us that the work was in the collection of Charles I., but that it has suffered terribly in its condition. This one would hardly have supposed from the photograph. This book is a useful contribution to the scholarship of pictures.