29 MAY 1936, Page 20


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,----With economic sanctions now in full force it is sur- prising that we should receive Italian operatic conductors and singers. At the present time Signor Vicenzo Bellezza is conducting and Signor Lauri-Volpi and other Italian artists are singing at Covent Garden. Social sanction's against Italy would be just and effective but they are hardly possible while people are flocking to Covent Garden to applaud Bellezza and Lauri-Volpi. But might not Signor Mussolini consider our refusal to employ Italian artists as an act of war ? The most effective " social Tanction " would be for all League of Nations countries to withdraw- their diplomatic and consular representatives from Italy, a sanction which is long overdue.--71-ours faithfully, E.- W. R. THOMSON.

13 Kings Hall Road, Beckenham, Kent.