29 NOVEMBER 1940, Page 3

Speeches on the Address have just started and it is

too soon to estimate the general feeling of the House. But there will be more days given to general debate, and criticism of various Ministers and departments will no doubt show itself. Sir Richard Aclind and Captain Quintin Hogg, both in their thirties, Sir Edward Cadogan and Mr. Kenneth Lindsay, all attacked the Government machine at different points. In one case it was the shelter policy, in another economic and trade policy, and in another the confused relations between Govern- ment Departments and the Regional Commissioners. Mr. Randolph Churchill, in an excellent maiden speech, poured scorn on the timid policies of previous years and pleaded for patience while the arms and equipment and man-power were collected for a war-offensive. He sounded a fresh note on war- aims reminiscent of his illustrious father, who listened with trepidation and finally with joy to the whole speech.

* * * *