29 NOVEMBER 1940, Page 3

Support from American Labour

Sir Walter Citrine, addressing the American Federation of Labour at New Orleans this week, and Mr. William Green, president of that body, found themselves at one in urging the waiving of certain trade union rights in the interests of increased War production. " American factories must produce, produce, and produce to help our British friends," said Mr. Green. We in this country are well enough aware how great a factor for Victory it is that organised Labour is whole-heartedly con- vinced of the necessity for victory, in its own special Interest as well as in that of the country as a whole; and that it has thrown all the weight of the workers on the side of speeding up production. In the United States it will make 00 small difference that the workers there, too, feel the cause to be their own, and are endeavouring, as Sir Walter put it, “ to make the American workshop the first line of defence for all democracy."