29 NOVEMBER 1940, Page 5

Corsets are not a subject on which I speak with

any authority. It is only so far as they are at the moment assuming a semi-political importance—owing to a threatened cut in the supply—that I feel called on to take cognisance of them at all. But I remember that they have been semi-political for at least a fleeting moment before now. There is, or was, a brand of the article known for some reason as C.B. It was made at Bath, and on the factory, which abutted on the Great Western main line, the proprietary letters were conspicuously displayed. The fact was turned to neat advantage by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, who, on going to what is now the city of refuge to make a political speech, began his re- marks by blandly expressing his gratification at the welcome given him even before his train reached the station. His audience took the point well.

* *