2 DECEMBER 1882, Page 2

The breach between France and Madagascar excites much- interest in

England, and on Monday an important deputation from the Aborigines' Protection Society, the Anti-Slavery Society, the London Missionary Society, and other philan- thropic Societies, accompanied by Mr. W. E. Forster, waited. on Lord Granville, to request his good offices. They were extremely moderate in their language, but main- tained, through Mr. Forster, that the only African people- which had made an independent advance in civilisation ought to be let alone. Lord Granville, though exceedingly concilia- tory in his language towards France, said his Office had no- knowledge of the alleged Tresty with the Sakalavas confer- ring on the French a Protectorate ; and intimated that if the Malagasy Ambassadors were accredited to this country, they would certainly be received. The deputation understood that Lord Granville would use his good offices on behalf of Madagascar, and. it has been subsequently announced that M. Duclerc has been requested not to precipitate hostilities. We imagine the French Government has made up its mind. •