2 DECEMBER 1882, Page 22

The Second Division of the Holy Land (Cassell and Co.),

from the original drawings by David Roberts, R.I., with historical descriptions by the Rev. Dr. George Croly, dealing with the Jordan and Bethlehem, will be found a very attractive one, especially by families in which the Bible is read with an understanding eye. Sometimes Dr. Croly's letter-press is a little too long and a little to rhetorical, but he is very careful to obtain from all authorities, ancient and modern as much information as possible about the places he describes. The illustrations, after Mr. Roberts, are, however, in all respects, admirable. In them—to mention certain of them which have struck us more particularly—Tyre and Sidon, Baalbec and Bethle- hem, almost literally live again.—We have also received from the same publishing firm another gift-book, resembling the Holy Land in appearance, though not in subject. This is Wild Animals and Birds ; their Habits and Haunts, by Dr. Andrew Wilson, with Illustrations by J. Wolf and F. Speoht. The illustrations are bold, even to what Dr. Wilson's countrymen call "fearsomeness." The tiger, the jaguar, the bear, the eagle, and all creatures of prey, are represented at their fiercest. Dr. Wilson is a vigorous writer, though somewhat inclined to sentimentalise in the popular-lecture style. As a writer on science for the general public, he might, indeed, do worse than take a leaf out of Miss Buckley's book. This volume will, however, he thoroughly appreciated by the boys.