2 DECEMBER 1882, Page 23

The Lies Stock of the Farm, By J. C. Morton

and Others. (Bradbury, Agnew, and Co.)—The series of "Handbooks of the Farm," which began with Mr. R. Warington's excellent little volume on agricultural chemistry, is worthily continued in the present manual. No less than eight writers have taken part in its prepara- tion, each contributor dealing with that particular branch of the subject with which he is most familiar. The seven chapters in which farm animals are discussed are respectively entitled, "Breeds and Management of Cattle," " Dairy Management," "The gorse," "The Sheep," " Swine," "Poultry," and " Health and Age." The first chapter is the fullest; but an extremely condensed treatment

of every section of the subject was necessary, in a book consisting of no more than 150 small pages. When due allowance is made for the wide range of subject-matter and the narrow limits of space, it will be found that the whole volume affords evidence of the practical knowledge and sound judgment concerned in its production.