2 DECEMBER 1882, Page 24

Talks about Science. By the late Thomas Dunman. (Griffith and

Ferran.) —This book, though it contains a number of excellent and eloquent lectures on subjects connected with biology and geology, has an interest of a peculiar sort, which marks it out from most other volumes of lectures. For the story of the lecturer himself is one of deep pathos,—a story briefly but sympathetically told in the biographical sketch prefixed to the book. His struggles to educate and teach himself amidst many difficulties, his indefatigable labours, his genuine and catching enthusiasm for natural science, and his death from overwork at the early age of thirty-two, just when a suc- cessful career seemed assured, impart peculiar interest to the series of lectures which the care of an attached friend brings before the public, as a memorial of an earnest worker, whose influenne will certainly survive him.