2 DECEMBER 1882, Page 24

The Garden that Paid the Rent. By Tom Jerrold. (Matto

and Windus.)—This is a revised edition of a little book that first appeared in 18G0. It is interesting in style and instructive in matter. If only the author's advice and directions were more generally known and followed, there would be a great many more productive private gardens, and a greater abundance and variety of wholesome veget- ables and fruits available in middle-class homes. Perhaps we ought not to criticize our author's balance-sheet too closely, although the title of the work incites one to turn to the economical aspect of the garden question, yet the figures on pages 124 and 125 seem just a shade too rose-coloured. On the debit side there is no allowance for rent, and none for the interest of the large amount of capital sunk in pits, frames, and glass-houses.