2 OCTOBER 1880, Page 1


FOR once the " crisis " is real. The Sultan, finding that the accord of Europe was maintained, and that he must either resist or carry out the Treaty of Berlin, has determined to resist. He informed the European Ambassadors at Constantinople, in a letter written in Turkish, lest its sense should be altered, that he would not surrender Dulcigno unless the Naval Demonstra- tion were withdrawn, and a pledge given him that it should never at any time or on any question be repeated. The Am- bassadors refused the pledge, and on Saturday Riza Pasha, in command in Albania, informed Prince Nicola that any attempt to possess himself by force of Dideigno would be regarded as a declaration of war by the Sultan, and would be resisted 'by Turkish troops. The Prince of Montenegro forwarded these statements to Admiral Seymour, and informed him that, as he was not ready to meet both Albanians and Turkish regulars, the latter of whom might invade the Mountain, he must stipulate for the material assistance of the Fleet, and for a guarantee against the loss of the advantages stipulated for him in the Treaty, in the event of defeat. The Admirals, not being authorised to grant either request, delayed the Demonstration, and telegraphed to their Governments for instructions.