2 OCTOBER 1880, Page 2

All the news received this week from Basutoland is unfavour-

able. The entire tribe must have risen, for a force which, on the 21st ult., attacked the camp of the Mounted Rifles at Court- house numbered 7,000 warriors. They charged repeatedly, and were only beaten off after they had lost 100 men. So serious are affairs deemed, that the Cape Government, which has plenty of use for its money, has accepted a report from Briga- dier Clarke declaring that 3,000 volunteers will be required. This number has accordingly been despatched from all the towns of the colony, the men from Cape Town itself being accompanied to their ships by General Clifford, in command of the Queen's troops. It is evident that the war-fever is again rising among the Colonists, and as all the tribes are generally interested, the settlers everywhere may be placed in danger. Sir Hercules Robinson may find it impossible to control the move- ment, and will certainly become most unpopular in doing so. Lord Kimberley should have recalled the Proclamation. It is all very well to tell the Cape people that they must expect no assistance, but if massacre begins, assistance will be rendered, whatever comes of it. Her Majesty is not to lose South Africa because Mr. Sprigg and Sir B. Frere are perverse doctrinaires.