30 JUNE 1855, Page 12


The English company who commenced performances at the Theatre Italien a short time ago found themselves last week in a most destitute condition through a defalcation in the treasury. The humbler artists were literally reduced to mendicity, and gladly accepted relief from the Italian actors who are playing at the same theatre. However, the per- formances, which had so unhappily been brought to a stand-still, were resumed on Monday last ; when the Parisians were treated with Othello, the principal parts being sustained by Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallaek, Mr. G. Bennet, and Miss Cleveland, an interesting Tiling actress from the Mary- lebone. The repertoire of the Italian actors begins to betray the fact that Italy is not fertile in the non-lyrical drama. On Tuesday last they prefaced a translation of Schiller's Marie Stuart with a translation of one of Scribe's vaudevilles.

Mademoiselle Dejazet is at the Gone, and plays Frederic the Great, as shown in his youthful days by MM. Vanderbusch and Damanoir ; who name their drama Le Sergent Frederic. The authors have not much troubled their heads about historical accuracy ; but they have put to- gether an amusing intrigue that fully answers its purpose, and history at any rate serves to deck a most popular actress in—a new costume.