30 JUNE 1855, Page 19


Tuesday, June 26.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-White and O'Mara. Salford, packing-case-makers- Angell and Sinuses, Alton, Hampshire, drapers -Prowse and Burnley, Gwennap, Cornwall, schoolmistresses- Wood and Co. Barfield, Yorkshire. glass-manufac- turers; as far as regards James Wood -Leach and Wilkinson, Leeds, cotton-waste- dealers-Allin and Flanagan. Walsall, Staffordshire, auctioneers-Hartland and Room, Westbromwich, Staffordshire, patent- tube-inakers-Tate and Sorbie, Lei- cester, drapers-Oliver and Shepley, Chesterfield, engineers-Lewis and filoggett, Plymouth, chemists -Burluraux and Chargois, Brighton, fancy-goods-dealers- Peters and Wright, Derby, tobacconists-Limb and Towle, Beeston, Nottingham- shire, machine-owners-Cox and Co. Notsinghani, hosiers; as far as regards A. Cox -Laycock and Litter, Arthington, Yorkshire. carriers-J. C. and T. Lucas, Alders. gate Street, druggists -Lambent' and Ballard, Leinster Street, Cleveland Squeak fruiterers-Wilcox and Co. Minivan, eartheuware-manufacturers- Stanley and Wells, Birmingham, copper-wire-rivet-manufacturers -W. and D. Lawlor, Little Bolt.% Lancashire, joiners-Clark and Wilson, Manchester, commission-agents-J. II. and T. Slater, Salford, engineers ; as far as regards J. Slater—line and Oakley, Derby, timber-merchants, and Hanford, Staffordshire, brick-manufacturers-Noakes and Pearce, South Row, New Road, St. Pancras, statuaries- Hudson and Hammerton, Cleckbeaton, Yorkshire, wire-workers.

BANKRUPTCY ANNULLILD.-T11011AB RICHARDS, Riches Court, Lime Street, dealer in wood.

BANKRIIPTS.-BENRY ',OCHRY EDRIDGE, Monmouth Road, Bayswater, builder, to surrender July 6, Aug. 10: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers • offi- cial assignee, Whitmore, Basingball Street- WILLIAM Eeivoarat Teas, Mark 'Lane, wine-broker, July 6, Aug. 10: solicitors. Marten and Co. Mincing Lane; official als signee, Whiunore, Bssinghall Street-Deena GOLDING, Islehion, Cambridgeshire, butcher, July 6, Aug. 10: solicitors., Hawkins and Co. New Boswell Court; Bost- wick, Soham, Cambridgeshire; official assignee, Cannan, Aidermanbury-Fiezneamx Mesas, Great Bell Alley, Moorgate Street, victualler, Jul) 6, Aug. 10: solicitor, Warrand, Basingball Street; official assignee, Whitmore, Basiughall Street-I/0MM MARTIN and DAVID W•HDLAW SCOTT, Great St. Helen's, merchants, July 6, Aug. 10: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Canaan, Aldermanbury-Feasiels EDWAHD TUCKER, Gopthall Buildings, commission-agent, July 6, Aug. II: solicitors, Stayer and Son, Broad Street Buildings ; official assignee, Johnson, Iffasingbell Street -RICOARD RINKYAN L/LNK, Argyll Street, bill-broker, July 7, Aug. 13: solicitor, Mason, ironmonger Lane ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Sauur.t. Tull/ism and WILLIAM B•RaltiON, Nottingham, uphol- sterers, July 17, Aug. 7: solicitors, Coupe, Nottingham ; Harrison aud Wood, Bir- mingham ; officisl soignee, Harris, Nottiughain -Gamma Brrts.a Poirrnoi, De- vizes, inn-keeper, July 9, Aug. 7: solicitors, Wittey, Devises; Abbot and Lucas, Bristol; official assignee, Miller, Bristol-WU.LIAM JONES, Brecon, builder, July 10, Aug. 7: solicitors, Enins and Co. Liverpool; Bevan and Girling, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol-Mon/A ROBERTS, Llanstephan, Carmarthenshire, builder, July 9, Aug. 6: solicitors, Cruttwills, Bath ; Bevan and Girling, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol -WLI.Liam BRIDGEWATER, Cheltenham, coal-mer- chant, July 9, Aug. 7: solicitors, Pruen, Cheltenham; Abbot and Lucas, Bristol; official assignee, -Miller, Bristol-Jonm WARBURTON, Sheffield, edge-tool-manufac- turer, July 7, 28: solicitor, Smith jun. Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield -GEoRon NonmAN BULT, Tiverton, druggist. July 5, Aug. 2: solicitor, Stogdon, Exeter ; official assignee. Hirtzel, Exeter - Josue BENTLEY CARS, Ashton-under- Lyne, brewer, July 12, Aug. 2: solicitors, Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee. Hernaman, Manchester.

DIVIDENDS.-July 18, Harben, Goulstone Street. Whitechapel, cheesemonger- July 17, Tredinnick, Haymarket, mining-broker-July 19, Gower, Lawrence Lane, warehouseman-July 20, Haworth, Walsh, and Ainsworth. Over Darwen, Lanca- shire, power-loom cloth-manufacturers-July 19, Harrison, Sunderland, victualler -July 19, Martin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, joiner-July 24, W. and H. Shaw, Mold Green, near Huddersfield, dyers-July 24, Smith, Bradford, Yorkshire, inn-keeper. CERTIFICATES.- 7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. -July 18, Bytes, Gosport, brewer-July 18, Wilkins, Aylesbury Street, Clerkenwell, victualler-July 18, Warwick, Highbury Place, Islington, warehouse- man-July 18, Kyle, Reading, victualler-July 20, Ord, Blackwell, cement-manu- facturer-July 19, Ilitt, Exeter, curvier-July 17, Noble, Liverpool, boat-builder- July 18, Etheridge and Michell, Liverpool, insurance-brokers-July 19, Weichbrodt. Liverpool, merchant-July 19, Marsden. Rochdale. cotton-manufacturer-July 18, Bolton, Marsden, Lancashire, power-loom cloth.manufacturer-July 17, Southward, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, corn-dealer-July 18, Condron, Macclesfield, silk-ma- nufacturer-July 19, Stevens, Walsall, draper. DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-May, Ipswich, linen-draper ; first div. of Se. Md. Thursday next, and three subsequent Thursdays; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street- Buckell, Portsea. draper: first die. of 2s. Thursday next, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-Shackel, Canning Place, Old Street, St. Luke's, bacon-merchant ; second div. of ]id. Thursday next, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld. Basinghall Street-French, Bedlington, Northumberland, brewer; first div. of 5s. Saturday, July 7, or any subsequent Saturday; Baker, New- castle-upon-Tyne -Ramadan and Baxter, Bailiffs Bridge, Yorkshire, worsted-spin- ners ; first dies. of 2s., 20s. on the separate estate of T. Ramsden, and 20s. on the separate estate of W. B. Baxter, any day; Hope, Leeds -Gaukroger and Sons, Hali- fax, cotton-spinners; first dive. of 4s. on the separate estate of J. Gaukroger, and ls. 3d. on the separate estate of T. Gaukroger, any day; Hope, Leeds-Redfern, York, inn-keeper; first div. of Is. 3d. any day; Hope, Leeds-Dickinson, Clayton West, Yorkshire. corn-dealer; first div. of 8d. any day; Hope, Leeds-Smithson, Mirfield, Yinkshire, corn-miller; first die. of 28. 4d. any day; Hope, Leeds-W. and T. Addy, Leeds, cloth-manufacturers; first div. of ls.; 8d. any day ; Hope, Leeds-Slater, Halifax, cotton-spinner; first div. of lid, on the separate estate, any day; Hope, Leeds-Callard, Devonport, Coach-proprietor; first div. of Is. any Tues- day or Friday; Hirtzel, Exeter-Coker, late of Saltash. Cornwall, merchant; first div. of Sid. any Tuesday or Friday, Hirtzel, Exeter-Carver, Liverpool, victualler ; first div. of Is. 3d. any Thursday; Cazenove, Liverpool-Rimmer, Scaforth, Lan- cashire, builder; second div. of 5d. any Thursday; Cazenove, Liverpool-Ryder, Plymouth, flour-factor; first div. of 8s. 6d. any Tuesday or Friday; Hirtzel, Exeter, Scarce Sealtrest,;Arioss. -Forbes, Old Meldrum, druggist, July 5-APRae, Perth, surgeon-dentist, July 9-Jackson, Glasgow, bookseller, July 5-31`Kay, Rogart, Sutherlandshire, merchant, July 11.

Friday, Tune 29. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVXD.-Gibson and Leach, Walworth Common, fellmong,ers -Bradley and Sykes, Huddersfield, auctioneers-Davies and Co. Shrewsbury,

drapers-Deagon and Gayer, Plymouth, grocers-Hounefield and Co.-Greensill and Barnett, Great Witley, Worcestershire, surgeons-Lowe and Hornby, Wolver- hampton. chemists-Jenkinson and Wright, Liverpool, coal-merchants-Howe and Shaw, Halifax, cotton-warp-manufacturers-Price and Higgs, Wolverhampton, wine-merchants-Bernard and Co. Bristol, sugar-refiners ; as far as regards J. Vining-Lomas and Sykes, Sheffield, anvil-manufacturers-Autra and Hollerbacb, Wardour Street, jewellry-case-makers-Bickerstaff and /Ores, Preston, attornies- Goff and Wayt, Windsor, grocers-Danofsky and Hughes, Isleworth, school-mis- tresees-Cheatle and King. Birmingham, brush-manufacturers-Ormerod and Co. Manchester, commission-agents ; as far as regards T. B. Ormerod-Bake and Co. ship-owners-Armitage and Co. Sheffield, steel-spring-manufacturers-Winter and Oath, Bradford, Yorkshire, tea-dealers-Parkinson and Etherington, Long Lane, Bermondsey, engineers-Sands and Charnock, Leeds, printers-Tapscott and Dan- caster, Exeter, boot-makers-Half and Taylor. Ashton-under-Lyne, attornies- Teddy and Co. Minories, tobacco-merchants; as far as regards H. Back-Crawford and Co. Leeds, cloth-dressers.

BANKRorre.-JamEs BURFORD senior and James' BURFORD junior, St. Neot's, builders, to surrender July 11, Aug. 15: solicitor, Chidley, Gresham Street; official

assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street -Jaen Stevenson, Barham, Suffolk, inn- keeper, July 9, Aug. 11: solicitors, Aldridge and Bromley. Gray's Inn ; Jackaman, Ipswich; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-Jonri Howicx, Little Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road, ironmonger, July 9, Aug. 11: solicitors, Bell and Co.

Leadenhall Street ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-WILLIAM DI:MOODIE, Swinton Street, Grays Ion Road, draper, July 13, Aug. 13; solicitor, Chester and

Co. Staple inn; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury -Berme and Newman

SHERWOOD, Belvidere Road, builders, July?, Aug. 6: solicitors, Wilkinson and Co. Nicholas Lane ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Aar/tea Enwean

Teams', Leather Lane, coach-smith. July 10, Aug. 13: solicitor, Murrough, New Inn, Holborn; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Isaac Baows, Tooley Street, victualler, July 7, Aug. 13 solicitor, Page, Duke Street, Man-

chester Square ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers, Basinghall Street- ROBERT DENT, Atherstone, Warwickshire, builder. July 13, Aug. 3: solicitors, Baxter and Son, Atlierstone ; Motterarn and Knight ; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham-Gamins EDWARDS, Old Swinford, Worcestershire, victualler, July 13, Aug. 3: solicitors, Comer, Stourbridge; Wright? Birmingham; official assignee,

Whitmore, Birmingham-Hammitt Room, Birmingham, metallic-bedstead-manu- facturer, July 16, Aug. 6: solicitor. James, Birmingham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham -Teomas Paktos, Ruyton-of-the-Eleven-Towns. victualler, July 16,

Aug. 6: solicitor, Harding, Birmingham ; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham -HARRIstr SWINDELL, Ashborne, wine-merchant, July 17, Aug. l4: solicitor, Fox, jun. Ashborne; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham-HENRY Beal:rearms, Sheffield, file-manufacturer, July 21, Aug. 4: solicitor, Smith jun. Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield-Themes KENYON Newton Heath, Lancashire. chemist, July 17, Aug; 18: solicitor, Elinney, Manchenter ; official assignee, Pott, Manchester,

Drvieturne.-July 20, Scott, Harley Place, Marylebone.- West India merchant- July 20, Cutter and Hunter, Regent Street, tailors-July 24. Hoff, Holbeach, dealer

in chicory-July 24, Willmore, Leicester, woollen-draper-Aug. 6, Haywood, Bir- mingham, grocer-July 26, Cartwright, Birmingham, factor-July 24, Bell, Jarrow, Durham; alkali-Manufacturer-July 27, Kennedy, Manchester, ivory-turner. CgarrIrtoserass.- 7b be granted, tellia38 CRUM be Sh01011 to the contrary, on the day of rneeting.-July 20, Lord; Caledonian Road, oilman-July 23, Fisher, Plaistow, Essex,

auctioneer-.-July 23, Ewhi, High Street, Islington, upholsterer-July 24, Brooks, Backing; Essex, wheelwright-July 24, Morgan, Dowlais, Glarnorea nshire. grocer- July 24, Evans, Aberdare, Glamorgrua.hire, grocer-July 20, Aspdin, New Wharf, Westminster, cement-manufacturer-July 20, Lowe, Salford, slate-merchant-July 26, Pennington, Manchester, builder-July 23, Atcheaon, Cheetham, Manchester, wine-merehant-July 23, Cohn, Great Bridge, Staffordshire, pawnbroker-July 20, Bolmes, Leeds, wine-merchant-July 20, Eggleston, Halifax, stuff-merchant-July 21, Thompson, Rotherham, linen-draper-July 21, Laister, Sheffield, butcher.

DECLARATIONS or -Divibmins.-Hare, Strand, ironmonger; first div. of Os. 8(3. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Hadlow, Jewry Street, Aldgate, spothe-

cafy first div. of as. 7d. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Beaumont sen. and Beaumont jun. Commercial Place, City Road, coach-makers; first div. of

2s. 41d. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Alexander and Co. Calcutta,

merchants ; fifth div. of one anna and three pice per 100 sicea rupees, any Wednes- day; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Coleman and Wellings, Ludlow; third div. of 11d. Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednesdays ; Lee, Aldermanbury-

Beserick, Half Moon Street, victualler; first div. of 2s. Md. any Monday; Canrutn, Aldermenbury- Adams and Balaton, Bow, engineers ; third div. of gd. on their joint

estate, any Monday; Canaan, Aldermanbury-Fisher and Basey, Norwich, cabinet- makers; first die. of Si. 6d. any Tuesday; Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Plimsoll, Sheffield, coal-merchant; first div. of 5s. any Tuesday; Brewin, Sheffield-Ludlam

and Reaney. Sheffield, ironmongers; first die. of 3s. 9ad. any Tuesday; Brewin, Sheffield -Kay, Sheffield, cut-nail-manufacturer; second die. of 18. 4d. and first and second diva. of 8e. 10d. on new proofs, any Tuesday; Brewin, Shefheld-Birks, Shef- field, brush-manufacturer ; first div. of 12.. 6d. any Tuesday; Brewin, Sheffield.

Scarce thuarnierastrians.-Creigh. Edinburgh, builder, July10 -M'Artitur and Co. Gallowhill, Paisley. manufacturers, July 10-Ross, Haugh of Inverness, brewer, July 12-Graham, Glasgow, grocer, July 18..