30 JUNE 1855, Page 18


Wan.orncE, June 26.-1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards—Limit. E. Bradbury to be Capt. without purchase. To be Lieutenants, without purchase—Cornet W. C. Wingfield, vice Bradbury; Cornet J. E. Edlmann. 4th Light Dragoons—Cornet and Adjt. H. Jennings to have the rank of Lieut.; Cornet W. Wiustanley tq be. Lieut. by purchase, vice Booth, who retires ; Cornet F. A. Weatiterley to be Limit. by purchase, vice Hon. C. J. Keith, promoted. 1st or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards—The promotion of Ensign and Lieut, IL W. Hamilton to be Lieut. and Captain, to bear date the 18th instead of the 19th, of June 1855. 1st Regiment of Foot—Beevet-Lieut-Col. T. Graham to be lAeuL. Col, without purchase ; Lieut-CoL Edmuad llaytbome, from the 98th Foot, to ha Lieut.-Col. Tice Bell, appointed Inspecting. Field-Officer of a Recruiting Dis- trict; Brevet-Major E.G. Urquhart to be Major, without purchase, vice Graham; Ensign G. G. Stewart to be Lieut, without purchase, vice Creagh, appointed to the 72d toot. 13th Foot—Major A. E. F. Holcombe to be Limit-Col. without pur- chase; Brevet-Major P. R. Jennings tube Major, without purchase, vice Holcombe. To be Captains, without purchase—Lieut. G. F. King, vice Jennings, Lieut. M. Browne, Lieut. E. Boyd, Lieut. A. Bainbrigge. To be Lieutenants, without pur- chase—Ensign IL N. Clayton, vice King; Ensign H. E. Hall, vice Browns; Ensign P.M. V. Gilbert, vice Boyd ; Ensign J. P. Miller, vice Bainbrigge; Ensign W.Haslett, Ensign H. Gillett, Ensign W. Williams, Ensign T. T. Gould, from the Ceylon Begt. 170 Foot—Assist.-Surg. W. P. Ward, from the Ordnance Medical Department, to be Burg. vice Simpson, deceased. 28th Foot—The commission of Lieut. E. S. R. Smyth. as Adjt. to bear date the 1st of June 1855, in lieu of the 5th of that month, as previously stated. 39th Foot—Lieut. C. Milligan to be Capt by purchase, vice Wilson, who retires. 68th Foot—Ensign H. J. R. Villiers-Stuart to be Lieut. with- out purchase, vise Smyth, deceased; Ensign F. G. D. Watson to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Villiers-Stuart, whose promotion on the 12th of May 1855 has been cancelled. The promotion of Ensign J. Thompson to a Lieutenancy, without pur- chase, vice Smyth, deceased, on the 15th of March, has been cancelled. 72d Foot- Lieut. J. F. N. Hewett, from the let West India Regiment, to be Lieut. without purchase ; Lieut. J. Creagh, from the 1s1 Foot, to be Lieut. without purchase. 86th Foot—Ensign J. W. Fry, from the let Foot, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Gould. promoted in the 31st Foot. 98th Foot—Assist-Surg. N. H. Stewart, M.D. to be Surg. vice Cowen, promoted on the Staff.

Rine Brigade—Lieut. the Hon. H. W. Campbell to be CapL by purchase, vice Cooper, who retires.

let West India Regiment—Ensign S. Cave to beLleut. without purchase, vice Hewett, appointed to the 72d Foot. Hoepital Staff—Burg. C. Cowen, from 98th Foot, tea be iita.gurs. of the First Class.


Brevet-Major B. M. Mundy, half-pay Royal Artillery, being attached to the Turkish Contingent, to have the local rank of Lieut.-Col. in Turkey while so em- ployed.

Capt. Roney, of the 96th Foot, attaehed to the British Foreign Legion, to have the temporary substantive rank of Major of the let or Jager Battalion. C. D. Cameron, Esq. attached to the Turkish Army, to have the local rank of Capt. in Turkey, while so emplosed.

Errata.-For T. Smalls, Esq. to be Chief Paymaster to the Turkish Contingent, read T. Smales, Esq. &c. To be Major-General-For Col. J. D. Byers, Bengal Infantry, which appeared in the Gazette of the 15th of June, with the date of the 7th nf May, read Cel. J. D. Syers, Wan-orrice, June 29-1st Regt. of Drag. Guards -Staff-Surg. of the Second Class W. H. Jephson, M.D. to be Surg. vice Stone, promoted on the Staff. 3d Drag. Guards-Cornet .J. J. Corrigan to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Coleman, appointed to the let Drags. 1st Drags.-Lieut. H. F. G. Colman, from the 3d Drag. Guards, lobe Lieut. vice Webster. who retires; Assists-Surg. H. Sherlock, from the Staff, to be AssistsSurg. vice Gorringe, promoted on the Staff. 6th Drams-Cornet E. Robin- son, from fith Drag. Guards, to be Cornet, without purchase. 16th Light Drags.- Assist-Surg. A. Id..Tippetts, from the 7th Foot, to be Assist-Surg. vice Braise, pro- moted on the Staff,

let or Grenadier Regt. of Foot Guards - Lieut. and Capt. V. L. Hatton to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col. by purchase, vice Brevet-Col. Reynardson. who retires. let Beet. of Foot-Lieut. W. Bellew to be Capt. without purchase, vice Muller, killed in ac- tion; Lieut. M. A. H. Legge lobe Capt. without purchase, vice Hawkins, promoted without purchase to an lJnatt. Majority; Ensign W. G. Brown to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Bellew ; Ensign G. W. Thompson to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Legge; Lieut. W. Kelley, from the Galway Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase ; Assist-Surg. A. Reid, from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg. ad Foot-Lieut. E. K. V. Arbuckle to be Capt. without purchase. 4th Foot-Assist.-Surg..J. L. Erskine,M.D. from the staff, to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Dunlop, promoted in the 88th Foots 7th Poot-Assist..Surg. C. Ricketts, from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg. vice Tip- petts, appointed to the 16th Light Drags; Assist-Surg. T. Sheehy, M.D. from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg. vice -Langham, deceased. 18th Foot-To be Ensigns, without purchase-Ensign F. W. Ruck, from the 50th Foot; Ensign E. C. R. A. de P. O'Kelly, from the Royal Brecknock Rifle Regt of Militia. Assist.-Surg. G. B. Popplewell, from the Staff, to be Assist-Surg. 14th Foot-Assist-Surg. W. H. Price, from the Staff, lobe Assist.-Surg. vice Renwick, deceased. 17th Foot -As- sist-Surg. L. G. Hooper, from the Staff, to be Assist-Surg. 23d Foot-Capt. S. Falkiner, from half-pay Unatt. to be Capt. repaying the difference, vice Tritton, who exchanges. 29th Foot-Brevet-Col. E. Lugard, C.B. to be Major, without purchase, vice Tower, deceased; Lieut. F. Kneebone to be Capt. without purchase, vice Lu. gard ; Ensign G. W. F. D. Smith to be Lieut, without purchase, vice Kneebone. list Foot-Ensign F. 11. Suckling, from the 95th Foot, to be Lieut. without pur- chase; Assist,Surg. W. Grautt, M.B. from the Staff', to be Assist-Surg. 3ffil Foot -Lieut. H. D. O'Callaghan to be Capt. by purchase, vice Jeffrey, who retiree; En- sign H. Cooke, from the 38th Foot, to be Eosign, without purchase, vice Foster, pro- moted. 34th Foot-Ensign T. S. Holroyd to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Lawrence, killed in action. 35th Foot-Ensign Gordon 8. Hughes to be Lieutenant, by purchase in succession to Lieut. Craster, who retired 15th June. 38th Foot-Brevet-Mejor J. S. H. Farrar to be Major. without purchase, vice Adam- son, who retires upon full-pay; Lieut. C. A. 8. Dickies to be Capt. without pur- chase vice Ferrer; Ensign R. J. Stanefield to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Dickies; Lieut. 3. H. Pope, from the Kilkenny Feather Regt. of Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice fitansfield. 41st Foot,-Assist.-Surg. R. Hungerford, from the Staffsto be Assist...Surg. vice Lamont. dec.; Assist-Surg. A. V. Genetic], from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg. vice King, promoted on the Staff. 44th Foot- Assist-SurE. J. Johnson. from the Staff, to be Assist-Surg. vice Thomson, dec. 49th Foot-Lieut. G. Rochfort to be CapL by purchase, vice Brevet-Major O'Connell, who retires; Assist.-Surg. W. M. Calder, from the Staff, to be Assist-Surg. vice Beckwith, dec. 50th Foot-Lieut. A. .7. Lithe to be Capt. without purchase, vice

Mangles, who re L

tires; Ensign C. Hudson to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Lane; Assuit-Surg. -W. Bradshaw, from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg. vice Martel, dec. 51st Foot-13ergt.-Idajor T. Lawrence to be Quartermaster, vice Sheen, who retires upon half-pay. 55th Foot-Ensign F. Fitzwilliam T. Hobbs to be Lieut without purchase, vice Stone, killed in action ; Assistant-Surgeon William Jasper Rendell, from the Staff, to be Assistant‘Surgeon, vice Noma, deceased. 56th Foot- Ensign A. W. Massy to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Whitmore, who retires ; Lieutenant A. N. Bolton, from the Royal Longford Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase. 60th Foot-Lieut. H. J, Robertson to be Capt. by purchase, vice Brevet- Major Darell, who retires; Lieut. J. Steel, from the 1st *mit India Regt. to be Lieut, without purchase ; Assist.-Surg. A. Stretton, from the Staff, to be Assist.- Sorg. 62d Foot-Major L. B. Tyler to be Lieut.-Col. without purchase, vice Shear- man, killed in action ; Capt. W. L. legal( to be Major, without purchase, vice Tyler; Capt. J. Daubeny to be Major, without purchase, vice Dickson, killed in action. To be Captains, without purchase-Lieut. B. H. Hunter, vice Inpll; Lieut. B. T. Gilpin, vice Dauteny; Lieut. H. W. Clerke, vice Foster, killed in action. To be Lieutenants, without purchase-Ensign L. G. Dundee, vice Hunter; Ensign H. Hume, vice Gilpin; Ensign C. Sawyer, vice Clerke. 66th Foot-Lieut.-Col. C. E. Law, from the 3d West India Regt. to be Lieut.-Col. vice Sir W. Gordon, Bart. who exchanges ; F. J. Rogers, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Sbortt, promoted. 68th Feot-Ensign W. IL T. Duesbury to be Lieut. without purehase, vice J. Mar- shall, killed in action ; Assist.-Surg. G. Evans, from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg.; Assistant-Surgeon Edward Young Kellett, from the Staff, to be Assistant- Surgeon, vice Shiell, appointed to the Staff ; Assistant-Surgeon Augustus P. M. Corbett, M.D. fromthe Staff, Lobe Assistant-Surgeon, vice O'Leary, killed in action. 724 Foot-Assist.-Surg. T. W. Rutter, M.D. from the Staff, to be Assist-Surg. 76th Foot-Lieut. W. Brett to be Capt. without purchase, vice Ferns, who retires upon full-pay ; Ensign J. Vincent to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Brett ; J. B. I Sawyer. Gent. to be Ensign, without purchase. 88th Foot-Capt. E. 11. Maxwell to be Major without purchase, vice Bayley. killed in active; Lieut. E. I). Radcliffe to be Capt. without purchase, vice Maxwell ; Ensign J. H. F. Blyth to be Lient. Without purchase, vice Radcliffe; Ensign H. Waring to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Webb, killed in action. 89th Foot-Assist-Surg. IL Titterton, M.D. from the Staff, lobe Assist-Burg. 96th Foot-Assi.t.-Surg. J. J. Mulock, from the Staff, to be Assist-Sorg. vice Haverty, promoted on the Staff. 98th Foot - Quartermaster- ' Sergt. W. Walsh to be Quartermaster, vice Gillespie; Assiat.-Surg. A. Croker, from the Staff, to be Asaist.-Surg. vice Ridgway, promoted on the Staff.

Rifle Brigade-The commissions of the undermentioned officers to bear date 39th December 1854, and to stand immediately following Lieut. Ryder-Lieut. J. 6. ' Knox ; Lieut. J. Ashton. To be Assistant-Surgeons-Acting Assist.-Surg. C. Thompson, M.B. vice Scot, promoted in the 41st Foot; Assist-Burg. F. S. B. F. de Chaumont.

1st West India Regt-Ensign II. C. Gould to be Lieut. without purchase, vice J. Steel, appointed to the 60th Foot. 3d West India Rest. -Lieut.-Col. Sir W. Gordon, Bart. from the 66th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. vice Law, who exchanges; Sergeant-Major J. Tucker, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Armstrong, pro- meted.

Staff-Paymaster W. Macdonnell, of the 55th Foot, to be Paymaster of a Depat Battalion,

British Foreign Legion-Staff--Vt. A. Tollemache, Esq. formerly of the 24 Life Guards, to be Assist-Inspector, with the rank of Capt.; the Rev. V. Peterson to be Garrison-Chaplain at Heligoland.

1st Jager Battalion -E. W. B. von Eickstadt to be Major-Commandant, vice Bag- sewitz, resigned.

British Swiss Legiow-Staff-Deplit at Dover-J. R. Baines, late Lieut.-Col. 48th Foot, to be Commandant, with the rank of Lieut.-Col.; C. J. Lindam, formerly of the Rifle Brigade, to be Brigade-Major, with the rank of Capt. ; J. Urquhart, formerly of the 59th Begt. to be Staff-Pasmaster; J . Simpson, to be Staff Quar- termaster, Hospital Staff-Staff-Sures, of the First Class T. D. Home, M.D. to be Dep.- Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals ; Staff-Surg. of the Second Class W. Home. M.D. to be Staff.Surg. of the First Class ; Staff-Sorg. of the Second Class W. Carson, M.D. to be Staff-Surg. of the First Class, lice Horne, promoted ; Sing. E. W. Stone, M.D. from the 1st Drag. Guards' lobe Staff-Surg. of the First Class; Assist.-Surg. J. W. Johnston, M.D. from the 70th Foot, to be Staff-Surg, of the Second Class, vice Carson, promoted ; Assist-Sorg. A. It Ridgway, h1.11. to he Shelf-Sorg. of the Second Class, vice Home, promoted; Assist -Burg. A. N. Macbeth, from the 10th Light Drags. to be Staff-Surg. of the Second Class, vice Jeplieon, appointed to the 1st Drag. Guards; Assist-Surg. J. C. Baterty, from the 96th Foot, to be Staff- Burg. of the Second Class ; Assistant-Surgeon George Smith King, hi.D. from the 41st Foot, to be Staff-Surgeon of the Second Class; Assistant-Surgeon John Gorringe, M.D. from the 1st Dragoons, to be Staff-Ourg. of the Second Class ; 'Fe be Assistant-Singeons to the Forces-Aeting Assist-Surg. G. C. Clery, vice Ricketts, appointed to the 7th Foot ; Acting Assist-Surg. W. Leath, vice Sherleck, appointed to the lot Drags.; Acting Asdat.-Surg. 0. Barnett, vice Reid, appoiutod to the 1st Foot; Acting Aesist.-Surg. W. H. Yates, vice Pupplewell, appointed to the 13th Foot; Acting Assist-Sung. W. F. Cullen, vice Hooper, appointed to the 17th Foot; Acting Assist-Burg. ./. N. Beaty, vice Grant, appointed to the list Foot ; Acting Assist.-Surg. C. Beaufoy, vine Stratton, appointed to the 60th Foot; Acting Assist-Sung. G. H. Carolan, vice Evans, appointed to the 71st Foot; Acting Assist.-Surg. P. H. Watson, M.D. vice Rutter, appointed to the 72d Foot; Acting Assist:Burg. H. C. Miles, vice Titterton, appointed to the 89th Foot; Acting As. sist-Surg. J. H. Gilborne, vice De Chaumont, appointed to the Rifle Brigade ; Acting Assist.-Sur. J. Wood, vice Kellett, appointed to the 65th loot; Acting Aasist.-Surg. W. H. Muschamp, vice Price, appointed to the 14th Foot ; Acting Aseist-Surg. A. J. L. Hepworth, vice Hungerford, appointed to the 41st Foot ; Aseist.-Surg. H. J G. Atkinson, from the lit West India Regt. vice Sheehy. ap- pointed to the 7th Foot ; Assist.-Surg. T. W. Shiell, M.D. from the 66th Foot, vice Erskine, appointed to the 4th Foot,


The undermentioned officers have been appointed Aides-de-camp to bar Majesty, with the rank of Colonel in the Army, from the 29th of June 1855-Lieut.-Co1. H.

ID. Griffith, 2d Drags.; Brevet-Lieut.-Col. C. Dickson, Royal Artillery; Brevet- Lieut.-Col. J. W. Gordon, Royal Engineers; Brevet-Lieut.-CoL R. Tylden, Royal Engineers; Lieut.-Col. T. M. Steele, Coldstream Guards; Lieut.-Col. the Hoa. P. E. Herbert, Coati.; Lieut.-Col. the Hon. H. H. M. Percy, Grenadier Guards ; Lieut.-Col. J. J. Lowth, 38th Foot; Lieut.-Col. J. W. Smith. Coati- Lient.-Col. W. 8. R. Norcott, Rifle Brigade ; Lieut.-Col. T. Hurdle, Royal Marinas, vice Lieut.- Cot. T. Wearing, promoted to the rank of Major-General.

Major J. S. Adamson, retired full-pay, of the 38th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. in the Army, the rank being honorary only. Capt. J. G. Ferns, retired full-pay, of the 16th Foot. to be Major in the Army, the rank being honorary only. Capt. S. Falkiner, of the 23d Foot, to be Major in the Army. Brevet-Major S. Falkiner, of the 234 Foot, to be Lieut.-Col, in the Army. Capt. B. Blacklin, Unatt. Staff-officer to the General Depet at Scutari, to be Major in the Army. Brevet-Major R. Macklin, Unatt. eta= officer to the General Depat at Scutari, to be Lieut.-Col. in the Army.