30 JUNE 1855, Page 2

The Clergy in Conroeafion have again shown their desire to

do something toward reviving the influence of the Church, and the incapacity to say what that shall be. The head of the Chun* un- der the Crown objects to reviving the active power of Convocation, and other Prelates stand by him; but the majority of the members weed in asking from the Crown a better representation of the °terse, in the Lower House, and the means of communicating with ' the revince of York in deliberation on the subject. Meanwhile, the Lower House has been debating a report, recommending amongst other things that provision be made by authority of Parlia- Ment for some equitable commutation or redemption of church- rate's, and an extension of free sittings. Conflict of opinion, of Ropes and fears, of doubts and desires, marks the discussion in both Rouses. The Church sees the duties that call upon her to regain B leading position in the country ; some of her members are *ini- tiated by a laudable ambition ; but she quails before the moral chaos within as well as without the walls of Convocation.