30 JUNE 1855, Page 31


On the 19th June, Lady Edward Thynne, of a son, stillborn.

On the 21st, in Sussex Square, Hyde Park, the Wife of Archibald Little, Lieu- tenant-Colonel Ninth Lancers, of a son.

On the 23d, in Westbourne Terrace, the Wife of Capt. D. Bethune, R.N., of a son. On the 23d, in Thurloe Square, the Lady Beaujoloes Dent, of a son. On the 23d, the Wife of Commander H. F. Killop, U.N., of H.M.'s eteato gun-boat Snake, of a daughter.

On the 2511, at Tynemouth Lodge, Northumberland, the Hon. Mrs. Linskill, of a son and heir.

On the 26th, in Eaton Place, the Wife of James Heywood, Esq., M.P., of a daughter. On the 27th, at Chorleywood, Ilerts, the Wife of William Longman, Esq., of a daughter.


On the 21st June, at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, Augustus Frederick Kynas- ton, Captain R.N., to Catherine Mary, third daughter of General and Lady Char- lotte Bacon.

On the 21st, at Hertingfordbury, Meets, Henry Negus Burroughes, R.N., eldest surviving son of H. N. Burroughes, Esq., M.P.. of Burlingham Hall, Norfolk, to Ida, youngest daughter of the late Henry Fynes Clinton, Esq., of Welwyn, Herts. On the 21st, at Egham, Surrey, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward J. Watson, late of the Fifty-ninth Bengal Native Infantry, eldest son of General Sir James Watson, K.C.B., of Wendover House, Bucks, to Louisa Elizabeth, third daughter of George Frederick Furnivall, Esq., of Egham. On the 23(1, at Tor Church, Devonshire, Egerton William Harding, Esq., of Old Springs, Staffordshire, to Harriet Georgina, younger daughter of the late Sir Wil- liam Howe Mulcaster„ Captain R.N., CB., Esc.

On the 29d, at Walcot Church, Bath, Richard Parry, Esq., late Royal Scots Greys, son of the late Edward Parry, Esq. Bengal Civil Service, to Louisa, daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir Richard England, K.C.B., Fr.e.

On the 26th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, John Morant, Esq., eldest son of Mr. and Lady Caroline Morant, of Brockenhurst House, limns, to the Lady Hen- rietta Somerset, eldest unmarried daughter of the Duchess of Beaufort.

On the 26th, at Coolhurst, Charles Spencer Scrase Dickens, Esq., eldest son of Mr. and Lady Elizabeth S. Dickens, to Anna Maria, second daughter of Robert Aldrich, Esq., of St. Leonard's Forest, Horsham.

On the 26th, at South Stoneham Church, James Edmund Tannatt Ricoh, Lieu- tenant Bengal Engineers, youngest son of General Gustavus Nicoll., Royal Engi- neers, to Louisa Ross Parry, eldest daughter of the Lord Bishop of Barbados.

On the 27th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Edmund Roderick Ximenes Barlow, third son of the late Colonel Gwynne, of Glanbmn Park, Carmarthenshire, to Jane Eliza Anna Maria, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Gwynne Belford, of Buck- land, Brecknockahire, and Cillgwyn, Carmarthertshire.


On the 18th June, in Herbert Street, New North Road, Mr. William Francis Bar- rett; in his 26th year.

On the 19th, at the same place, Mrs. Sarah Barrett, from the shock occasioned by the death of her dear son ; in her 624 year.

On the 20th, in Westbourne Park Terrace, Miss Ablett; in her 90th year. On the 21st, at Gunter's Grove, Bridgewater, the Rev. Henry William Rawlins.. A.11., Rector of Fiddington, and Vicar of Kilton ; in his 72d year.

On the 23d, at Rusko House, Kirkcudbrightshire, N.B., Michael BleChlery,

of Finsbury Circus, London: in his 48th year.

On the 24th, in Eaton Square, the Lady Caroline Sophia Scott, fourth d.oght.r

of the late Earl of Clonmell.

On the 24th, Thomas Wood, Esq., formerly one of the Aldermen of the Ott7 of London; in his 69th year.

On the 24th, in Dover Street, Mary Catharine, the wife of Dr. Paris.

On the 2lith, at Sutton, Mrs. Stubbs ; in her 90th year.

On the 117th, at Ayston, Rutland, the Lady Kau Fludyer ; in her B2d roar.