30 JUNE 1855, Page 31


London, 25th lune 1866.

Son—In your notice of 'the book mentioned above, you state, "How far the 'Private Life of an Eastern King' is altogether authentic, we do not know. It seems evidently written by a man who has original knowledge of what he professes to describe, though he may not have been precisely what he professes." I profess to have been "a member of the household," one of the five Eu- ropeans so frequently mentioned in the book as having been constantly in attendance on the King. This I was. In a private note accompanying this, I give you my name and address, mentioning the precise office I filled in the household, with the names of referees. I can do no more. Will you kindly state therefore whether I now appear to you to have been what I profess or not ?

Yours obediently, Ting AUTHOR. [From the information now communicated to us, the author certainly ap- pears to have been what he professes.—E.]